Monitoring and tracking electricity consumption is a tedious task. Meter reading personnel must physically reach the meter. This process is ineffective, costly and with potential for mistakes. The smart electricity meter aims to automate the meter reading for efficiency, and pinpoint meter reading accuracy.  This solution brings an additional value to the end client by paying the exact sum for the electricity used. Furthermore, the solution can deliver alerts to the consumer about power outage. 

04/2020 - Petah Tikva Israel

Gas meter

The smart gas meter product is used for improving the daily life of the company, to reduce expenses and to identify and improve responses during unusual events. On regular days, the product is used for reading the meter and collect data for the needs of the company. During an emergency event, such as a gas leak, the product detects the leak and generates instant alerts to the end customer and company.

02/2020 - Netanya Israel

Gas cylinders

The Smart Cylinder Fleet Management System can simplify your gas delivery service and reduce shipping costs. Long-term customer retention from the moment of installation. The customer will no longer refer to other suppliers because the vendor who installed the product will supply the gas automatically from the first sale.  Stop “emergency” calls and optimize the track fleets logistics.

03/2019 - Holon Israel